Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saya kembali

Maaf untuk teman teman yang mungkin berkunjung ke halaman saya tetapi saya tidak kunjung balik ke tempat teman dalam jangka waktu yang lama.....

sudah beberapa hari ini saya sedang berusaha untuk membuat antena WiFi biar tidak harus pergi ke area hotspot yang banyak tersedia di sekitar lingkungan saya....

wal hasil dengan berbagai cara upaya dan peluh keringat yang bercucuran proyek saya gagal.....

mungkin ada teman yang bersedia sharing dengan saya untuk membuat antena WiFi yang murah mudah dan berdaya jangkau luas....

mohon bantuannya ya....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pengganti sementara shoutmix yang erorr

mohon maaf buat semua teman teman yang kemaren datang ke gubug reot saya dan mengisi shoutmix saya, akan tetapi tidak bisa di klik linksnya

akhirnya saya menemukan pengganti sementara untuk halaman ini....

mohon maaf atas tidak pekanya saya....
maklum masih amatiran.....

teman teman saya harap isi di shoutmix yang bawah aja ya.....

terima kasih juga buat broo yang telah menulis tipsnya....

Friday, January 22, 2010


Microsoft Windows is an important part for a computer that is familiar to most people. Because computers have become an important part of human life.

However, not all do not know how the ins and outs of Microsoft windows. In my posting I tried to share about the Microsoft windows.

Windows Version First
Windows operating systems have evolved from the MS-DOS, an operating system
based text mode and command-line. The first version of windows is Windows Graphic Environment 1.0 which was first introduced on 10 November 1983, and a new exit the market in November 1985. The first generation of Windows designed to meet the needs of a computer with image display. Windows name is the result of an employee who talkative with this new program called the window of the program (windows program).

Second-generation Windows
Advantage of this second generation of Windows is the first windows that can be installed other software such as the first generation of microsft word and the first version of windows.

Third-generation Windows
Third-generation Windows offers increased performance from previous generations by allowing us to access some proram and is often called the multitasking DOS, in this version there is virtual memory that allows penguna to run a multitasking proram.

Windows 95
Windows 95 is a window that is completely user friendly, because it allows the users to take advantage.
Windows 95 released in version 5,
• Windows 95 - the actual release of Windows 95
• Windows 95 A - includes an update of Windows 95 Original Service Release 1 (OSR1)
are inserted directly to the installation
• Windows 95 B - includes several other major reforms, such as FAT32 file system,
and Internet Explorer 3.0. This version is also known as Windows 95 OSR2, or many
people in Indonesia call it Windows 97.
• Windows 95 B USB - or Windows 95 OSR2.1 a Windows 95 version that offers support
for bus-based hardware Universal Serial Bus / USB.
• Windows 95 C - or Windows 95 OSR2.5 includes all the features above, plus Internet
Explorer 4.0. This version is the very latest version of the series released
Windows 95.

After Windows 95 is still a Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 200, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the last is Windows 7. some versions of Windows are probably already familiar to us because it is some version of the best windows in the market.


Sorry if my post was too simple, but through this post I hope I can help you to understand the terms that we often find in the Internet.
* ADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line)
A type of DSL where the upstream and downstream running at different speeds.
* ASP (Active Server Pages)
Is a specification for making dynamic Web pages using ActiveX script. When the
browser opens ASP pages, Web servers create pages with HTML code and send it to
the browser.
* Bandwidth
Quantity that indicates how much data can be passed in via a network connection.
* Banner
Is a medium of information in the form of image / images to the image ads on a
* Browser
Is an abbreviation for the term Web Browser. The browser is a program used to
access the World Wide Web (or Internet), and other facilities. We have a number
of popular browsers, like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, and
* Browsing
Is a direct search a particular book in a collection of books lined the shelves.
To be able to do this activity properly and quickly, the user must understand the
first systematic compilation of the library collection
* Chatting
Specific terms used to interact in chat programs.
* Client
Is a computer in charge of receiving data and information that have been
processed by the server that is needed by the user. Client usually controlled /
used by a user.
* Dial-Up
Is the type of internet connection by using the telephone network.
* Domain name
Is a special and unique name used for naming a web site on the internet.
* Download
Is the process of taking or transfer files from an Internet web site to the
storage media contained in the client computer used by the user.
* E-mail (electronic mail)
Is a program that was implemented in a computer network (including internet) used
by the user to send a message in written form (type) or images to other users
inside or outside the computer network. Users can also receive (receive e-mail),
return (reply e-mail), and forward (forwarding an e-mail) to another user
* Firewall
Computer security applications from hacking activity.
* Freeware
Applications can be downloaded and used free of charge.
* Googling
Conducting Search with Google Search engine.
* Hacker
Is an expert in the field of computers, the Internet in particular, where the
expertise can penetrate, destroy, and do things that are not desirable in a
computer network (including the internet). For example damage existing website,
which has been damaged in the program created by the webmaster, or administrator.
* Homepage
Is the home page or main page is displayed from a website on the internet, if the
user enters the site address on the WebBrowser.
* HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
Is a computer language used to create a webpage page.
* Http: / / (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
Code is written at the start site, to explain the WebBrowser program that
protocol (interface) that is used is http
* Intranet
Information resources that are used for internal purposes of an agency or company
using the existing computer networks.
Internet Service Provider, is the institution / agency / company that provides
Internet service provider networks.
* Plugin
Is a special program that can be added to the program which can help WebBrowser
WebBrowser to display animation, interaction programs, 3D object, a certain well.
* Phishing
Internet crime is deceiving his victims by creating a site similar to the
original to obtain the victim of personal data.
* Script
Is a set of commands that are arranged in a particular computer language (Java,
VisualBasic, CGI / Perl) to perform an interactive program or animation in a
* Search Engine
Is a program on the internet (certain websites) which is used to find specific
information needed by the user. For example: Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, Excite and
* Server
Is a computer in charge of serving the division and processing information needed
by the Client. Servers usually controlled by an admin.
* Upload
Is the process of sending or transfer files from storage media contained in the
client computer used by a user to a web site on the internet.
* User
The user or users in a computer network (including Internet), interaction
programs, or electronic mail (e-mail).
* Virus
Is a hidden program that can 'bum' or 'free ride' on other programs found on the
Internet, or on electronic mail, which is very harmful and admin user, which can
damage the program any other program that is owned by the user on the computer,
and can also damage interaction programs on websites that are maintained by the
* WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
Is a facility on mobile phones can be used to run certain applications that
connect to the Internet. With WAP you can use the Internet not only to receive
and send mobile phone, even for the calendar, schedule, and pictures.
* Web Browser
Computer program used to display the webpage. Example web browser: netscape
navigator, internet explorer, and others.
* Webmaster
A person who is responsible for creating and maintaining web sites in question.
* Web Page
Is a page that can be displayed on a website on the internet, which can display,
text, images, even sound, animation and video.
* Website
Is a collection of pages (webpages) that the start with front page (homepage)
which contains information, ads, and interaction programs.
* WWW (World Wide Web)
Is a term used in the internet for early

So posting from me, hopefully useful to your repertoire in the surf.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Google Adsense recently started to spread after a lot of young kids Indonesia have a fantastic income with the program issued by enggine largest search site in the world
for that I will try to write some of the terms in the google adsense, I'm sorry if still limited, because I was new in the learning stage.

Adsense advertising provider program is derived from the word ''ad = advertisement, and make sense'' that can be interpreted with high yields so google adsense is a program released by Google for its members to get money from advertisers whose ads on google web or installed on his personal blog

Google Adwords
Program released by Google to prospective advertisers to advertise their products through google. Advertisers are required to pay per 1000 impressions of his advertisements for products or each click on their product advertising.

Adsense for Content
Program for each member to put google adsense ads from the advertisers on the web page or on his personal blog. In this program the Web site or blog owners will get paid from google top google ads that they have set.

Adsense for Search
Is a given facility to install the google search enggine on the website or personal blog every member of google adsense. If there are visitors from the website or blog using the search facility is so enggine blog or website owner will get a reward from google.

Adsense for Referral
Is a program from google to any other person anggotnya recommend the products advertised through google.

Adsense Publisher
Term given by the member google google adsens (in other words those who are ready to put google ads in a given website or blog.

Blocking of your account or membership of a person who is considered cheating.

Payout Rate
Presentation of the payments made google on each click is determined by google

Web Page Traffic
The number of visitors that come in a website or blog

Frequency of Ad
Is the number of ads appearing in a web as a whole

Payment Information
Information on how the payment and to whom payment is to be given

Party advertisements

Party ads by advertiser

Computer From Time To Time

In fact the computer had been around since time immemorial. Initially created by the human, computer as a tool for calculating and processing data for.

1. First Generation Computer
At this early generation of computers still a simple calculator made from
grains arranged in a box. This early generation computers have been around 5000
years ago.

2. Second Generation Computer
This second generation machine developed since the second World War, the
development of computers in those days as a result of competition between the
countries involved world war to exploit the strategic potential of computers
owned for purposes of war.

In 1941 a German engineer who developed the Z3 computer that can be used to
design airplanes and missiles.

Allies developed in 1943 with the name of the Colossus computer which they use
to solve Germany's secret codes. In Colossus development can not grow, because
this tool can only be used to decode secret messages, and can not be used for
other activities.

In addition there are several types of first-generation computers were found:
a. The Harvard IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (Mark I)
Computer developed by Howard H. Aiken (an engineer from IBM) is working
with the U.S. Navy. This computer serves to perform complex calculations.
The weakness of this tool is to have a range of 500 miles along the cable
with a large half football fields.
b. Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)
ENIAC merupakan hasil kerjasama antara Pemerintah Amerika dengan University
of Pennsylvania. This tool is a versatile computer first. However, this
tool has a very large engines and power consumption of 160 kWIAC)
3. Computer Generation Three
Discovery of the transistor in 1948 affected the development of a computer with
a sharp. Transistors replaced vacuum tubes used in electronic devices, and this
affects the size of the computer.

In the development of transistors began to use computers in early 1956, in
addition to the discovery of the transistor invention of magnetic core memory
also affects the speed of the computer so much better.

Originator of the third generation of IBM's super computer is used in the
development of atomic research as penimpan data.

In early 1960 began developing the third generation of computers is more
familiar in the community. Computers that grew during this period is a computer
that will develop into an existing computer at this time.

Programs are stored in the computer that was developed using a programming
language is also beginning development of the software industry.

4. Computer Generation of four
Transistor which is superior to vacuum tubes is not without its problems. The
most common problems encountered by computer is the heat released by the
transistor with a potentially damaging computer parts other ang.

Taking advantage of quartz stone, Jack Killby develop IC (integrated Circuit)
in 1958 pd. The IC combined three electronic components in a small silicon disc
made of quartz sand.

At its development the scientists added the other parts of IC, thus allowing a
smaller size.

The progress of other third-generation computers are using the operating system
operating system) that allows machines to run many different programs at once
with a central program that monitored and coordinated the computer's memory.

5. Computer Generation Five
IC development on a large scale public lets the computer use that had been
dominated by large companies.

In the mid-1970s, computer assemblers to offer their computer products to the
general public. These computers, called minikomputer, sold with the software
package that is easy to use by the layman. The software is most popular at the
time was word processing programs and spreadsheets. In the early 1980s, video
games like Atari 2600 to attract more home computers are sophisticated and can
be programmed.

In 1981, IBM introduced its Personal Computer (PC) for use in homes, offices,
and schools. Computers continued evolution towards smaller sizes, from
computers that are on the table (desktop computers) into a computer that can be
inserted into the bag (laptop), or even a handheld computer that can (palmtops).

At the present time, we know the way to the use of IBM compatible CPU: IBM
PC/486, Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV (series of CPUs made by
Intel). Also we know AMD K6, Athlon, etc.. This all went in the fifth
generation computer classes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winamp Music Player

Winamp is a software music player the most famous and most liked by many in the PC who like music.

The full feature makes winamp owned by people who grew it installs software on his PC. Also Winamp is a free software available on the Internet making it the most popular software.

Some have features in Winamp as the slender by the official website include:

* Easily access the Media Library, Playlist Editor, Video, Visualizations, Media
Monitor Browser, EQ, Skin Options and Color Themes all from one single user
* Includes over 20 color themes
* Drag and drop media directly into a Playlist from Windows Explorer or the Media
* Rip your favorite music CDs into AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV or FLAC (Ripping limited to
~6x speeds for free users. MP3 encoding is only available in Winamp Pro)
* Burn your favorite music compilations to Audio CD (limited to 2x speed for free
* It can also play winamp streaming from your favorite radio to integrate it into
Mozilla Firefox

Are still many features offered by Winamp which will be found if you use this.

You will feel a different sensation when using this software

If you want a winamp as your music player DOWNLOAD HERE


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